Embry-Riddle The Bahama House First Chance Last Chance MeetDaytona Beach, FL

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#49 Men's Discus Start List

Flight 1 of 2

Lane Athlete Yr. Team Seed Note
1 Carey, Edvaughn FR University of The Bahamas NM
2 Driscoll, Koltin FR Florida Southern NM
3 Johnson, Jacob FR Embry-Riddle NM
4 Faller, Matt JR Florida Southern NM
5 Hunt, Ryan FR UNCW NM
6 Smith, Matt FR Southeastern U. 29.74m Embry-Riddle Indoor-Outdoor Challenge
7 Gonzalez, Tyler JR Warner 30.03m USF Bulls Invitational
8 Adkins, Brice USC-Beaufort 32.36m The Pickle Festival Relays
9 Charon, Darius JR Keiser 33.43m USF Bulls Invitational

Flight 2 of 2

Lane Athlete Yr. Team Seed Note
1 Lyons, Jake FR Embry-Riddle 35.33m Embry-Riddle Indoor-Outdoor Challenge
2 Guillermo, Carlos UNA UNAT-Embry-Riddle 39.82m Peach Belt Conference Track & Field Championships
3 JOHNSON, EARL Unattached 40.00m
4 Bobet, Terrence JR Embry-Riddle 40.98m Embry-Riddle Indoor-Outdoor Challenge
5 Allen, Giovanni SO Southeastern U. 41.34m Miami Hurricane Alumni Invitational
6 Adriaanse, Heinrich FR Embry-Riddle 42.63m Embry-Riddle Indoor-Outdoor Challenge
7 Carpenter, Zackary JR Embry-Riddle 43.90m Peach Belt Conference Track & Field Championships
8 Laurore, Marc SO Keiser 45.28m PURE Athletics Sprint Elite Meet
9 Haynes, Michael UNA UNAT-Embry-Riddle 47.44m Mount Olive First Chance and Multi
10 Manuel, Kyle SO Southeastern U. 49.43m South Florida Collegeiate Invitational