Embry-Riddle The Bahama House First Chance Last Chance MeetDaytona Beach, FL

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#44 Women's Triple Jump Start List

Lane Athlete Yr. Team Seed Note
1 Moore, Ashley FR Embry-Riddle NM
2 Saunders, Dejah FR Embry-Riddle 10.00m BSC Panther Indoor Icebreaker
3 Romero-Talbert, Idalia FR Southeastern U. 10.22m Embry-Riddle Indoor-Outdoor Challenge
4 Sorenson, Emma SO Embry-Riddle 10.25m Embry-Riddle Indoor-Outdoor Challenge
5 Snyder, Nicolette JR Keiser 10.38m Sun Conference Track & Field Championship
6 Wright, Prosperity FR Southeastern U. 10.55m Embry-Riddle Indoor-Outdoor Challenge
7 Ford, Miyah SO Southeastern U. 10.70m
8 Miller, LaDaijahnae FR Southeastern U. 10.83m The Warrior Invitational
9 Shindler, Katelyn USC-Beaufort 10.90m Sun Conference Track & Field Championship
10 Eaton, Alycia SR UNCW 11.00m
11 Joseph, Jaslyn USC-Beaufort 11.37m Sun Conference Track & Field Championship
12 Cavanagh, Julianna SO UNCW 11.42m CAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships
13 makabu, france SR Unattached 11.50m
14 Whimple, Victoria SO UNCW 11.58m VMI Winter Relays
15 Champer, Taylor JR Embry-Riddle 11.62m
16 McKeever, Iyana USC-Beaufort 11.81m Mount Olive First Chance and Multi